Custom Cap with Logo for Hand Tools

Harman Corp Testimonial

Harman Corp Testimonials

Industry: Hand Tools

Product: Custom Cap with Various Logos for Speciality Tool

Custom Cap with Logo for Hand Tools Photo

Harman was contacted by an award-winning manufacturer of tools, who makes a clamp for masons, which replaces three different tools and may revolutionize the industry. The new tool has a custom cap created by Harman, that is printed with the company’s logo.

In looking to grow their business, the tool company partnered with Harman to provide the plastic cap in multiple custom colors, printed with the logo of their distributors. For example, in Canada you can find the tool at a Pro Depot store with a red cap that carries Pro Depot logo, and in the Caribbean you can find the tool with an Industrias Aguayo logo, also on a red cap. Our Printing Services made the requested variety easy.

The partnership between Harman and said tool manufacturer has helped increase their sales throughout the world, as distributors pick up the custom product created by Harman.

  • Various Custom Cap Colors
  • Logo Printing
  • Proprietary Ink Formulation For Added Longevity