High Temperature Masking Products

Is your powder coating or painting job process a bit sloppier than you prefer? No worries. At Harman Corporation, we offer an extensive selection of High-Temperature Paint Masks to help you get the precisely-painted edges and corners your products require and customers deserve. Whether your product specifications require Polyester Masking Tape and Silicone Tape or Polyester Masking Discs and Silicone Tapered Stoppers, we can offer you numerous sizes and colors of any product your job requires.

Silicone Round Caps

Ideal for powder coating and high-temperature painting, these flexible caps can handle extreme heat for extended periods of time and provide an easy-to-install airtight seal. With that resistance to such high temperatures, these silicone caps are frequently used in medical fields, as they can withstand needed sterilization temperatures. They're also color-coded for increased visibility and sorting during reuse. Multiple sizes available.

Silicone Tapered Stoppers

Used frequently in the anodizing, plating, e-coating and powder-coating industries, these silicone-based stoppers are the standard for general plugging applications. Plus, because they're able to withstand such high-temperatures, these stoppers can be reused after most masking applications. Color coding is available by special order. Multiple sizes available.

Silicone Hollow Tapered Stoppers

More economical than your standard silicone tapered stoppers, these hollow substitutes are designed for powder coating and masking practices, providing a reliable and high-temperature heat-resistant material for excellent chemical resistance. Plus, they're suitable for threaded and unthreaded holes. Multiple sizes available.

Silicone Pull Plugs

Manufactured to enhance powder-coating, e-coating, plating and anodizing practices, these high-temperature heat-resistant silicone pull plugs are specifically built to plug both threaded and unthreaded holes when suchs holes can be reached from both sides during process. Multiple sizes available.

Polyester Masking Discs

Used in everything from powder coating and electroplating to anodizing and chrome plating practices, these versatile masking discs are made from an extremely heat-resistant and flexible polyester, making them ideal for taping off holes, grounding areas and circular machined surfaces. Plus, they're an extremely economical solution and remove cleanly from most surfaces, without leaving behind any residue. Multiple sizes available.

Polyester Masking Tape

When it comes to powder-coating, our polyester masking tape has been the industry standard for decades. If you're doing any powder-coating, plating or anodizing, this high-temperature heat-resistant tape will easily apply to the areas not being coated or plated, plus remove without leaving behind any residue. Multiple sizes available.

Kapton Masking Discs

Designed with Kapton's enhanced polyimide film backing to withstand temperatures up to 500°F, these discs feature a silicone-based adhesive to help numerous facets amidst anodizing, powder-coating, chrome plating, electroplating and solder wave procedures. Multiple sizes available.

Kapton Masking Tape

Built with Kapton's patented polyimide film and silicone adhesive, this industry-standard tape can be used for extended high-temperature paint cures up to 500°F, baking between plating cycles, masking on PC boards and many other high-temperature applications. Multiple sizes available.

Silicone Tape

Commonly used for electrical installation, moisture prevention and high or low temperature applications, this self-fusing tape is made from specially-cured silicone rubber and can form a permanent bond in minutes. Also, since the product is free of adhesives, no residue is left behind upon removal. If you're looking for a more efficient alternative to electrical tape, duct tape and heat-shrink tape, this silicone tape product is your answer.

Silicone Tubing

Engineered to apply throughout numerous industries, our silicone tubing caters to processes requiring fluid transfer and extended pumping procedures, with a extra-smooth inner-coating to ensure ease of fluid transfer. Plus, this high-temperature heat-resistant tubing can be used for masking off irregular geometries, long protrusions and as a substitute for short-runs.

Silicone Flange Caps

An alternative to our Round Silicone Caps, these silicone-based flange caps are used when masking off threaded studs or protrusions and molded with an air vent to adhere to applications where internal pressure is a problem. Plus, they feature an oversized head and specialized internal gripping design for easy application and removal.

Silicone Washer Plugs

Designed from sturdy silicone rubber, these washer plugs are intended for use during high-temperature powder coating processes, when masking is needed around a hole for grounding purposes. Plus, these reusable plugs are double-ended for versatility, ease of fitting and removal.

Silicone Flangeless Mask

When you're painting, plating powder coating or anodizing, these rubber silicone flangeless products are specifically designed to mask threaded holes and not the surrounding area. The tapered ribs and hollow core allow for many different uses on holes of various sizes, regardless of the thread pitch.

Silicone Cone Plugs

Ideal for masking off holes and studs for grounding or capping multiple outside diameters, these premium silicone plugs are most often used in both heat and chemical-resistant applications and can be reused multiple times.

Crepe Masking Discs

Easy to apply, these high-temperature masking discs can withstand temperatures up to 325°F and are perfect when powder coating or administering most painting applications. They also provide good line definition and easy removal after use.

Crepe Masking Tape

Intended for use in most paint applications, where pressure-sensitive adhesive is needed, this utility crepe tape product can withstand temperatures up to 325°F and provides great line definition, upon removal.