Masking & Finishing

plastics for the masking and finishing industry
Masking and Finishing

Harman Corporation has an extensive array of masking products suitable for all types of finishing, including: painting, powder coating, electro-coating, and anodizing. We supply high temperature vinyl and EPDM rubber for operations up to 475 °F (245°C) and flexible silicone for high temperature processes up to 600°F (315°C).

Our masking caps and plugs securely protect items such as exposed threads, critical surfaces, and metal tubing. Additionally, tapes such as our Kapton masking tapes are ideal for flat surfaces and can withstand chemical solvents, abrasion, and high temperature paint cures up to 500°F (260°C). We boast complete adaptability, easy application, and complete removability with our high quality masking products.

If you need a custom grip or part for Masking & Finishing applications, please call 248-651-4477 to speak with someone from our knowledgeable sales staff.

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