Plastic Caps

Harman Corporation provides plastic caps in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors. Add these plastic grips and caps to almost any item, to create a safer home or work environment. Each one of our lines of plastic caps has many uses in various industries, ranging from preventative measures for corners of glass tables and mirrors to use in numerous paint masking applications. One of our most popular plastic cap products is Plastic Round Hanger Caps, a line that’s perfect for the ends of brooms, dusters and mops. Need something custom? Harman Corp offers custom sizes on most products, along with the option to print logos on your plastic caps.

Round Plastic Caps

Round caps fit well on items that need to be protected from dust, moisture, and other debris such as the threads of machine parts. They can also be used to cover the harsh edge of toys or lawn or tools to create a protective, finished look. Round plastic caps are also regularly used as shipping caps in agricultural and farming applications.

Rectangular Plastic Caps & Grips

Practical rectangular caps and grips are long and flat, making them great for use at home. Many items ranging from garden tools to kitchen knives may need caps or even a new grip. Similar to round caps, rectangular plastic caps and grips can be used as thread protectors. They are available in solid colors. However, Harman Corporation will print logos on these caps.

Square Plastic Caps & Grips

These square caps and grips will create a completed look on many items around the home. Cover the ends of square poles, such as patio furniture, with square plastic caps and grips to prevent rough edges from causing harm. They can also be used as paint masks when performing finishing operations on products in an industrial setting. View our Masking & Finishing options.

Round Pull Tabs

Specially made round pull tabs are used in applications where easy removal of the cap is needed. They work well as storage or shipping protectors, because they fit tightly without slipping, yet come off easily. Just as the round caps, rectangular caps, and square caps will protect industrial machinery (like farm equipment or hand tools), these round pull tabs provide the same shielding during use - only with a gripped handle for easy application.

Round Grab Tabs

Round grab tabs provide more surface area to hold, which cuts back on the amount of pinching necessary to take the tab on and off, making it quick and easy to handle the tab. Round grab tabs work well as paint masks that are used to cover items during finishing operations, which include painting and powder coating.

Vented Pull Tabs

Slits that create small air vents throughout these vented pull tabs prevent them from popping off tubing or other items, as a result of pressure build up. This makes vented pull tabs very useful and popular among experts of the farming industry and numerous medical professions, as they help to protect mechanical tubing from harmful dust and debris.

Round Hanger Plastic Caps

Round hanger caps fit tightly around items such as tools, sporting goods, brooms, and kitchen tools, guaranteeing minimal slippage. The opening at the top of the round hanger caps allows for convenient and easy hanging storage. These round hanger caps have many practical uses for every part of the home. View all Home & Garden options.

Anti-Roll Plastic Caps

Anti-roll caps are square at the top instead of round. This prevents the tube package from rolling. These anti-roll caps are great to use when shipping items, where rolling may cause damage. View all Protective Packaging options.

Hex Plastic Caps

Often times, nuts and bolts are covered for a more desired, finished look. Hex caps will securely fasten to any size bolt, capping off the protrusion. Harman Corporation can custom make these hex caps, so specify the exact size you need and we’ll handle the rest!

Corner Covers

Corner covers protect your glass and mirrors from chipping or breaking during shipping and storage. Manufactured from strong vinyl, these corner covers provide ultimate protection and won't slip.

Silicone Round Caps

Durable silicone round caps are strong enough to withstand high temperatures, but still able to stretch and fit over different sized items. They are great to use when protecting threads during finishing operations, and paint will not stick to these silicone round caps, allowing them to be reused.

Silicone Flange Caps

An air vent is added to the silicone flange caps, allowing pressure to escape when needed. These silicone flange caps will also protect threaded studs during finishing operations. With a larger head and innovative internal gripping, silicone flange caps will not fall off, yet still makes application and removal easy.