Plastic Grips

At Harman Corporation, we offer a wide variety of plastic grips, offering numerous shapes, sizes and colors for any application necessary. Add these plastic grips to any handheld product requiring repeated use and immediately relieve pressure and wear on your hands. Whether you're looking for Round Plastic Grips and Rectangular Plastic Grips or Matte FInish Plastic Grips and Foam Grips, our vast selection of grips are applied in every industry from toys and bikes to tools and patio furniture. Need something above and beyond? Harman can custom design plastic grips for your specific needs and even print your logo on them!

Round Grips

Round grips are common on many household items. They allow for extra comfort and add a finishing touch to the look of the item. The round grips can be used on tools, bikes, and many childrens toys.

Finger Grabber Grips

These finger grabber grips are specially designed to improve slip resistance with ergonomic finger grooves. Able to be used on many common items such as garden & farm equipment, toys, and hand tools. Harman Corporation will manufacture finger grabber grips to your specific needs.

Hanger Grips

These hanger grips combine the features of the finger grabber grips with an opening at the end. This opening allows for items to be easily and conveniently hung in the garage or in the farm. Hanger grips fit tightly around the item, ensuring the item won't slide from the grip while hanging.

Rectangular Caps & Grips

Rectangular caps and grips can be used on tools, levers, valves, and kitchen utensils making them more comfortable to use. These rectangular caps and grips are available in flat and rounded ends. Plus, Harman Corporation can easily print a custom logo or design on the rectangular caps and grips

Square Caps & Grips

Square caps and grips are able to fit over different sized square tubing. These square caps and grips will provide protection from roughly cut edges and create a finished look on many common items, such as patio furniture.

High Gloss Finish

The high gloss finish grips are useful in many ways and are a popular material choice amongst a variety of manufacturers. Many children's toys such as scooters, rocking horses, and jump ropes, employ high gloss finish grips to provide protection and extra grip - while many gardening and farming tools use them as well. With such high demand, we also ensure custom colors are available in addition to the typical colors.

Soft Texture Finish

The soft texture finish grip is created from a combination of high gloss vinyl and foam. These are similarly shaped to the high gloss finish grips and can be used in many of the same applications, especially those where excessive repeat uses are needed - such as exercise equipment and agricultural tools.

Matte Finish

Matte finish grips are a cross between the high gloss and soft texture grips. They have a more tacky finish than the high gloss grips, but are more rubbery than the soft texture grips. These matte finish grips are perfect to use with household tools.

Double Dip Grips

Double dip grips combine the utmost amount of durability and creativity, providing both protection and style to their applicators. Double dip grips combine two colors and textures in one grip and allow for easy customization of the grips you need.

Custom Designs

Because we know every company requires different specifications, Harman Corporation prides itself on our ability to provide any custom-designed grips you may need. Depending on your specifications, we can customize the color, size, and what logo you would like on the grip. With years of experience and expertise, you and your business can trust Harman Corporation to prototype your custom design quickly as possible.