Why Choose Vinyl Caps?

When you order Vinyl Caps from Harman, you’re guaranteed to get a safe and well made product. Whether at work or home, vinyl caps bring comfort to numerous applications and prevent injuries, such as cuts and scrapes. With such a great variety of vinyl caps to choose from and each performing a unique function, you're sure to find the perfect vinyl cap for the job! All of our plastic caps are tight gripping, long lasting and will look great no matter what their application.

Harman’s vinyl caps are also available in a variety of colors so you can match items or choose the one you prefer. Plus, when buying from Harman, we offer customization on all our parts, offering the right size, color and even text to our wide array of versatile vinyl caps

If you have any questions about the custom options for any of our vinyl caps, please call our factory at (248) 651-4477 and our staff will help you determine which type of vinyl cap will work best for you and your business. Find the perfect vinyl caps for your specific needs today from Harman Corp.