About Double Dip Vinyl Grips

Double dip grips are the best way to add comfort to your workplace and household items. Our double dip grips provide a double layer of materials for extreme durability and grip. Discover the usefulness of Harman Corporation's double dip grips.

Harman Corporation's double dip grips are made-to-order, all you have to do is specify the sizes and colors you need. Harman bonds two different textured and or colored materials during the molding process, creating a grip with the greatest functioning possibilities. Double dip grips are perfect for use on handles, levers, and other tools. Harman offers you quality grips to provide you with comfort and safety as you perform on the job tasks or household chores. We offer easy customization of the grips you need. Double dip grips can be made with the two different textures to get a better grip and get longer wear. Request a sample today or call for a quote. We'll get you the right double dip grips for the job. Get exactly what you want at Harman Corp.

Get Creative With Double Dip Vinyl Grips

With double the layers, it's double the fun, at least when it comes to choosing the colors and textures. Our double dip grips are extremely durable, which makes them extremely useful and long lasting. Specify your desired length and color, and we here at Harman will accommodate your needs.

Double dip grips provide two layers of the vinyl in two different textures of your choice and in the colors of your choice. Get creative and customize every aspect of your double dip grips. These grips can easily be imprinted with your logo, company name, or a custom message. Choose from fun color combos to create your perfect double dip grip. Use double dip grips on household tools, on various types of equipments and levers to improve your grip on machinery. Harman double dip grips combine the utmost amount of durability and creativity for protection and style. Customize any of our functional and colorful grips to your desired style, try our double dip grips for yourself now!

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