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Is a custom component the perfect solution for your application needs? In many situations, a custom component is the best solution but the word "custom" has a reputation for being expensive and time consuming. However, it doesn't have to be! At Harman Corporation, we specialize in creating custom components at a competitive price and can work with your time frame needs to ensure an on-time delivery.

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Product Spotlight

Hose Bend Restrictors

Common Application:
Hydraulic and Pressure-Washer Hoses

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of using hose bend restrictors for hydraulic and pressure-washer hoses. You'll notice a slight tapered design of our hose bend restrictors. This intentional design reduces bending stress near the hose-coupling junction, thereby preventing damage and extending the life of the hose. The upper lip firmly attaches to the coupling, holding the restrictor in place and eliminating the need for expensive adhesives or clamps. They are designed to work with a variety of hydraulic and pressure-washer hoses.

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