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Plastic injection molding is often what people think of when they think of a “molded” part. Injection molded parts range from simple to extremely complex, and provide virtually identical parts into the millions. Harman provides high volume plugs, grips and caps made with the injection molding process.

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Rapid Prototyping


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It’s important to choose the right material for your unique project because there are tens of thousands of variations within the materials available. At Harman, our experienced team will help you choose the right material for your project based on your desired hardness, flexibility, weight and cost.


There are a number of finishes available from high gloss to textures that can enhance the aesthetics of your product. Typically a Harman injection molded cap or plug will have a textured or matte finish that provides a clean, finished appearance while helping to mask any machining marks on the piece, while a grip will often have a textured finish to provide better gripping quality and mask fingerprint smudges.


There are a number of advantages to Injection molding including flexibility in design capabilities, the ability to produce high volumes of product with accuracy and consistency, fast production times, and endless color variations. However, the Initial tooling costs may be high which often make small runs less cost effective.


Prototype lead time is 10-15 business days once prints are complete.  Production ships within 6-8 weeks of prototype approval.


Injection molding is most often used when someone needs a very high volume of parts with very exacting specifications.  Though the initial tooling is sometimes expensive, when that cost is spread over hundreds of thousands or even millions of parts, the upfront cost is minimized and the total production costs are often lower than other types of molding.


We have created thousands of custom parts for clients like you. Because we do it every day, everyone on our staff is knowledgeable and the process is easy. You’ll have experts walking with you from concept, to prototype, through production.

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