Custom Dip Molding

At Harman Corporation we have nearly 60 years of experience providing custom dip molding design and manufacturing of unique and functional parts that give you a competitive advantage.

Custom Dip Molding

Expert Engineering

Rapid Prototype

Rapid Prototyping


Affordable Tooling


Quality Production

Custom Caps, Grips and Plugs

The high-gloss finish of Harman Corporation caps, grips, plugs, and other products is achieved by using the highest quality materials available. Surface blemishes and cloudy appearance are eliminated because no fillers are used.

Superior Finish

Our custom dip molding process produces a unique, continuous, and seamless high gloss surface that makes your finished product superior to injection molding in both look and feel.

Rugged Soft PVC

Our products can withstand sandblasting, painting and prolonged UV exposure without shredding or cracking. PVC resists oils, grease and other chemicals. Soft, flexible PVC is shatter-resistant and extremely heat resistant. If heat is a concern, our dip molded products can be manufactured with high-temperature materials to withstand up to 450°F.

Practical Production Process

Our custom made parts can be made longer or shorter, thicker or thinner, and manufactured in a variety of material hardness, textures and colors without altering the production tooling or slowing down the custom dip molding process. Parts are available in sizes ranging from .062 inch diameter up to 30 inch diameter and up to 24 inches in length.

Faster Production Process

Prototype lead time is 7-10 business days. Production ships within 4-6 weeks of prototype approval. We engineer, prototype, build and ship from our USA based facilities which makes our production, manufacturing, and shipping processes much faster.

Custom Molded Service

We have created thousands of custom molded parts for clients like you. Because we do it every day, everyone on our staff is knowledgeable and we work to make the process is easy. You’ll have experts helping you from concept to prototype through production.

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