Flexible PVC Information

Harman Corporation produces flexible PVC to protect against dust, moisture, oils, and chemicals, among many other contaminants. Flexible PVC is a deformable container designed to perform a range of motion. If you've ever driven a standard transmission car, you've seen flexible PVC that protects the stick-shift from the elements.

Highly flexible PVC acts as extension joints of rotating gears like pumps. Because Harman's PVC is flexible, it is often used to complete mis-aligned installation of different parts. Outside of your car, flexible PVC is used in fluid filling systems, chemical plants, and adjustments in duct lines.

Flexible PVC comes in many shapes, from round to rectangular, depending on the application. Depending on the shape, flexible PVC has an amazing range of uses:

  • Absorb vibration and shock
  • Reduce noise
  • Prevent contamination