Non Phthalate Flexible PVC

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Because Harman Corporation is committed to meeting the needs of our customers, we take the current CPSIA regulation of Prop 65 affecting phthalates very seriously. As a result of the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), Harman Corporation offers non-phthalate parts to meet your company's specification.

We have used non-phthalate vinyl since 2006 and manufactured non-phthalate products since early 2007. Harman Corporation is acknowledged by some of the most recognized U.S. toy manufacturers as experts in this particular area of regulatory awareness, as well as the leading provider of innovative new materials.

For the most current and detailed information regarding phthalates, please visit the American Chemistry Council's Phthalate Ester Panel Website here.

To download a copy of the chart below, please see the attached PDF.

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Risk Assessments
United States
and Europe
The six phthalates mentioned in state legislative proposals have been reviewed by various government and government-sanctioned scientific bodies. All the listed phthalates are subject to bans or restrictions in the European Union.
Consumer Product Safety Commission
U.S. Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction (All CERHR reports are expressed in levels of concern)
Cosmetic Ingredient Review
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention biomonitoring studies
DINP No demonstrated health risk Unlikely to pose a risk for consumers (adults, infants and newborns)1 Minimal concern for children, adults and fetuses   Not detectable in most test subjects
DIDP   No likely risks for any groups as currently used Minimal concern for adults, fetuses and children   Not monitored; based on physical properties and uses, probably similar to DINP
DnOP   Not assessed Negligible concern for adult reproductive system; insufficient animal data for other effects on adults   Not detectable in most subjects
DEHP   Preliminary conclusion: safe for general public (excluding neonates) Serious concern for critically ill neonates; concern for infants under one; some concern for toddlers over one and male offspring of exposed pregnant women; minimal concern for general public   Average exposure 10-33 times below EPA reference dose2 (safety level)
DBP   No concern for consumers using nail polish containing DBP Minimal concern for fetal developmental effects for pregnant women with typical exposure; some concern for male fetal development in women with high exposure (conclusion based on exposure estimates that turned out to be higher than actual) Safe as used in current applications and concentrations Average exposure more than 100 times below EPA reference dose
BBP   No concern for children or adults (final draft). Minimal concern for developmental effects in children and fetuses; negligible concern for reproductive effects in adult males.   Average exposure 400 times below EPA reference dose
1 European Union risk assessments were performed by member states under the management of the European Chemicals Bureau.
2 For phthalates, the EPA reference doses are calculated from the no effect level in the most sensitive rodent studies, divided by a safety factor of 100 to 1000.