Plastic Caps Information


/about-plastic-caps/ Plastic Caps are a great way to improve commonly used day to day items. Replace or add new plastic caps for safety, comfort, and look.
/about-round-grab-tab-plastic-caps/ These specialty vinyl grab tab caps offer unique ergonomic function, by offering added surface area, offering product security that’s easily implemented and removed.

Anti-Roll Caps are a uniquely designed vinyl plastic cap with square ends to prevent rolling.

/about-corner-cover-caps/ Protect your glass and mirrors from chipping or breaking during shipping and storage.
/about-silicone-flange-caps/ Protect threaded studs during finishing operations. An air vent is added to allow pressure to escape when needed. With a larger head and innovative internal gripping, silicone flange caps will not fall off, yet still makes application and removal easy.

Hex caps will securely fasten to any size bolt, capping off the protrusion.

/about-vinyl-caps/ Whether you’re looking to add polish to a new product, protection at home or comfort on the job, our vinyl plastic caps provide function to numerous applications in almost every facet of life.
/about-silicone-caps/ The advantages and superiority of our silicone caps, from their excellent high temperature resistance to their stretch and memory for fitting over ends and staying in place.
/about-round-pull-tabs/ Specially made plastic round pull tabs are used in applications where easy removal of a cap is needed. They work well as storage or shipping protectors.

Our flexible vinyl dust caps can be used in a wide range of applications but are commonly used for masking procedures and contamination protection.


Plastic round hanger caps fit tightly around items such as yard tools, sporting goods, brooms, and kitchen tools, guaranteeing minimal slippage.

/about-silicone-masking-caps/ Silicone masking caps will create a strong seal, when performing paint masking jobs.

Protect threads during finishing operations, paint will not stick to round silicone caps which allows them to be reusable.


Covering the ends of square poles such as those found on patio furniture with square plastic caps and grips prevent rough edges from potentially causing harm.  


Vented pull tabs are popular in the farming industry and numerous medical professions as they help to protect mechanical tubing from harmful dust and debris.


Vinyl Caps offer comfort and style and work wonders on various applications. At home, vinyl caps provide function and safety on household tools such as gardening equipment, lawn equipment, toys, lawn furniture or cleaning supplies and tools. Vinyl Caps can also prevent injury by covering rough or sharp ends and edges.


Plastic caps and plastic plugs are made from different materials to suit your needs. The main materials that Harman Corporation uses are silicone, rubber, and vinyl.