Types Of Caps

Plastic caps and plastic plugs are made from different materials to suit your needs. The main materials that Harman Corporation uses are silicone, rubber and vinyl.

Silicone Caps

Silicone caps, with their soft flexibility and high heat tolerance (up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit), are perfect high-temperature masks that are used in painting, powder coating, anodizing, E-coat, and electroplating. Silicone is also used to make silicone tape, which is amazing on its own. Silicone tape bonds by itself without messy glues and is used in many industries, including medical, auto, and aviation.

Rubber Caps

Like silicone caps, rubber caps are resistant to high-heat (up to 475 degrees fahrenheit) and so rubber caps are useful in anodizing and painting. Rubber caps provide a very tight seal and the are also flexible, like silicone caps. Rubber caps are especially great as noise inhibitors.

Vinyl Caps

While vinyl caps do not offer the same resistance to high temperature that silicone and rubber caps allow, they are less expensive and well suited for protecting products where high-temperature is not a factor. Like rubber caps, vinyl caps provide an airtight seal. Vinyl caps also insulate and cushion.