Plastic Plugs Information

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/about-cone-plastic-plugs/ Cone plugs mask threaded and non-threaded holes but can also be used to mask studs. 
/about-domed-plastic-plugs/ The domed tubing plugs provide the same functions as rectangle tubing plugs however the dome shape of these plugs create a more unique, rounded look at the end of the tubing.
/about-plastic-insert-plugs/ Tube plugs are great for creating a finished appearance on a variety of products, as well as closing holes for protection. Keep out insects, dirt, water and debris from tubes, open ends, or holes in virtually any object.
/about-plastic-plugs/ Plastic Plugs will add that finished look to any factory, work or household objects. Get durability and protection from these plastic plugs.
/about-plastic-recessed-style-plugs/ Plastic recessed style plugs keep moisture, dirt, and other components out of areas. 
/about-rectangular-tubing-plugs/ Rectangular Tubing Plugs are typically used in applications to plug and provide an attractive appearance.
/about-round-tubing-plugs/ These versatile plugs will protect tubing for various uses, as well as add a clean, crisp look to your tube-based furniture, or applications.
/about-square-tubing-plugs/ Exposed tubing can be unattractive. Square tubing plugs can provide a nice, polished finish for rough edges that are created when square tubing is cut.
/about-tapered-stoppers/ Our Tapered Stoppers are quality made to work in a variety of applications. Both durable and reusable, these stoppers can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
/about-washer-plugs/ Harman Corp's washer plastic plugs are durable and reusable, these stoppers can withstand high temps and many different chemicals.
/outdoor-uses-of-plastic-plugs/ Hollow tubing in patio furniture can fill with dust, dirt and moisture and insects. LDPE Tubing Plugs are great to use for capping off the ends of patio furniture.
/using-plastic-plugs-on-radio-towers/ Commonly used application for Harman Corp.'s plastic plugs would be on radio towers. Radio towers require many ground anchors as well as many bolts that run around their frame. Protecting these bolts and wires from rust, and damage is a simple job for Harman Corp.'s plastic plugs.