About Cone Plastic Plugs

Shop for your preferred Cone Plastic Plugs for your next powdered coating project at Harman Corp. Our Cone Plastic Plugs can withstand high temperatures up to 600 degree Fahrenheit. Discover just how essential these cone plastic plugs can be and start working easier and smarter. Harman Corp. can customize Cone Plastic Plugs just the way you like.

Create a custom Cone Plastic Plugs with your exact specifications that Harman Corp. can make for you. Our Cone Plastic Plugs are made to last. Suitable for threaded or un-threaded holes. These plastic plugs are durable and easy to use. Cone Plastic Plugs provide great benefits for withstanding high temps and keeping a tight seal. The edge of the cone plug will mask the surrounding area of the hole for grounding purposes. They are great to use when powder coating. Choose the exact size and color for your Cone Plastic Plugs and your everyday tasks can be done simpler. Order your Cone Plastic Plugs and start getting more done!

Cone Plastic Plug Applications

The most popular application for cone plastic plugs would be powder coating. If you need plastic plugs for your next powder coating job, Harman Corp.'s cone plastic plugs will work like magic. Start working smarter, and safer with a cone plastic plugs. Our cone plastic plugs are quality made to work in a variety of applications. Ideal for masking off holes or studs and surrounding surface for grounding. Start using cone plastic plugs in all of your projects.

Our cone plastic plugs are made to fit well in both threaded or non-threaded holes. Their versatile nature allows them to fit over extrusions, threaded studs, PEMS, and dowels, as well as be used as a plug for tapped holes, irregular contours and threaded holes. Customize your cone plastic plugs to your specified size and color for a perfect match. These cone plastic plugs will make all of your projects a breeze. Easy to apply and easy to remove, but don't worry, these plastic plugs stay put until you take them out. Both durable and reusable, these plastic plugs can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. But they also withstand many different chemicals and will ensure a tight fit. Order your cone plastic plugs from Harman Corp. today!