About Harman Corp

Made in Michigan, Since 1961

Harman Corporation is a U.S. manufacturer of plastic caps, grips, plugs and custom molding, located in the same building in Rochester, Michigan since 1961. With over 60 years of expertise and two expansions to the building, we have become the highest quality manufacturer of dip molded caps, grips and plugs in the industry!


My name is Kevin Harman. I'm Chairman and CEO of Harman Corporation, and the grandson of our founder, Jack Harman. For generations our family has taken pride in the quality of work associated with the Harman brand name.


"One of the reasons I love Harman Corporation, and am grateful to serve our employees and clients, is that we are truly a family business. While some companies may pay high-priced consultants to create their "Corporate Values," Harman’s values have been passed down within the family from generation to generation."

Timeless Inspiration

I’m inspired by my Grandfather’s integrity, kindness, and creativity (he invented the machines that we still use today), and my Grandmother’s toughness (they were a great balance for each other). Harman is a reflection of my father’s energy and passion, my mother’s resilience, my brother’s friendliness and ability to build strong relationships, my sister’s honesty, and my brother­-in-­law’s analytical strengths.
You can talk to many people in our plant that have been with us for more than 20 years who will tell you stories about all those mentioned, plus my Uncle’s humor, my Aunt’s respectfulness, or my cousin’s good heart. These aren’t easy to put on a "Corporate Values" plaque, but they are the values that have built this corporation and those we strive to reach every day.

Beyond Corporate Values


Harman is made up of people, and we treat each other with respect, kindness and honesty.


Harman is made up of creative problem solvers who will do everything we can to make your life better.


Harman believes in long term relationships and partnerships that are good for our clients and our employees.


Harman is tough. We’ve made it through Sinatra, Elvis, the Beatles, Motown, Disco, Hair Bands, Grunge Bands, Boy Bands, Rap, and Country turning mainstream. On any given day you can listen to it all in the plant.


Harman still gets excited about dip molded vinyl! We know that’s crazy, but every month we get to tell new stories of new customers who have unique problems solved by our enthusiastic employees.

A Growing Family

Like any family, or any family business, over the past five and half decades we’ve experienced times of growth, times of harmony, and occasional times of dysfunction and chaos. However, like a strong family, the people of Harman have stuck together through it all and have learned the lessons that can only be learned with a little chaos and a lot of growth.
We strive to get better every day: Better products. Better quality. Better ways to serve you (like this website). Better communication. All for your benefit.
Our great team continues to make the best products in the industry, and even with that we strive to get better every day. If you need a cap, plug or grip of any size, any length, or any color, we’re here to serve you.
Let me speak for the whole Harman "family" when I say we appreciate your business!