About Plastic Plugs

Harman Corporation's Plastic Plugs are a great value and always functional. Plastic Plugs will add that finished look to any factory, work or household objects. Get durability and protection from these plastic plugs.

Whether you need Tapered Plugs for capping closures or our HP Plugs in a high temperature vinyl for powder coating, Plastic Plugs are going to make your end good safer and more polished. They will finish unsightly or exposed areas on machine, objects and furniture, as well as protect furniture or machinery from dust and moisture. Plastic Plugs can be used in so many different ways that the possibilities are limitless. Place plugs on furniture, machinery or even children toys.

Plastic Plugs are easy to snap in place and always look stylish, making any object look instantly better. They are excellent for use around the home, and always at affordable price.