Types Of Plastic Plugs

Harman Corporation offers a wide selection of Plastic Plugs. They are perfect for work, home or office use. Plastic Plugs offer a finished look and are great at keeping out dirt, dust, and moisture. Discover the large variety of functional and stylish plastic plugs from Harman Corp.

    There are many Plastic Plug styles and colors to choose from:
  • Tapered Plugs can function as both a plug on one end, and a cap on the other.
  • Round Tubing Plugs are perfect for capping off patio furniture or other exposed tubing.
  • Rectangular Tubing Plugs are often used in the commercial furniture industry.
  • Tapered Stoppers can withstand temperatures of more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit

Other styles include: Square Tubing Plugs, Domed Tubing Plugs, Cone Plugs, Washer Plugs and Pull Plugs. With so many choices, all you need is the right object to use them on.