Using Plastic Plugs On Radio Towers

Harman Corp.'s, plastic plugs are extremely durable and are great for a variety of uses. One commonly used application for Harman Corp.'s plastic plugs would be on radio towers. Radio towers require many ground anchors as well as many bolts that run around their frame. Protecting these bolts and wires from rust, and damage is a simple job for Harman Corp.'s plastic plugs.

Harman Corp.'s PVC vinyl plugs are durable and able to withstand all types of use. PVC vinyl is great for protecting against corrosion. A great example of Vinyl Caps durability and protection is their use on foundation bolts. Large structures such as radio towers usually have suspension wires that anchor them to the ground, 2" diameter threads than run to the ground to rods need protection and need to be secures. Vinyl plastic plugs are used to retain the threads and protect against corrosion. Harman Corp.'s vinyl plugs are so durable trusted to protect the many bolts and screws that protrude and are exposed to the elements on radio towers. Preventing corrosion and rust on radio tower screws helps preserve and keep radio towers standing longer and remaining sturdy and safe. PVC Vinyl is without a doubt durable and long lasting. You can trust Harman to supply you with durable plugs for whatever your application may be. No job is too extreme for the plastic plug!