About Silicone Round Vinyl Caps

Read about the most common uses of Silicone Round Vinyl Caps

Masking Paint With Silicone Round Vinyl Caps

Get the perfect paint masking job done with silicone round vinyl caps from Harman Corp. These silicone caps are trusted and quality made to give you the very best results. Get the perfect seal and get jobs done faster with handy silicone round vinyl caps. Masking paint is as easy as telling Harman what you need.

Silicone round vinyl caps are made with a soft and flexible paint masking material that allows caps to stretch to fit over unusual sizes. These caps work well for masking off bolts, screws, and other various protrusions. The Hi-temp silicone used to make these round vinyl caps won't crack, harden or bleed. When used as a paint mask, the paint will not stick to the caps, which allows them to be reusable. These silicone round vinyl caps can withstand temps up to 315 Celsius or 600 Fahrenheit. Just contact Harman to specify your needs and we'll get you that exact vinyl cap. Get your own silicone round vinyl cap for your next paint job right away.

Silicone round vinyl caps are perfect for numerous projects around the home or workplace. Harman Corp.'s Silicone round vinyl Caps are very useful and highly durable, try them for yourself. Request a sample, and try before you buy!

Get Extreme Versatility Out Of Silicone Round Vinyl Caps

Harman Corporation offers versatile silicone round vinyl caps for various uses. You can trust these vinyl caps to act as the perfect paint mask. Discover all the useful applications that silicone round vinyl caps can be used for at home, in the workplace or for performing jobs and tasks.

Silicone round vinyl caps are the perfect solution to use in projects where temperatures reach up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Durable silicone round caps are strong enough to withstand high temperatures but still able to stretch and fit over different sized items. Use silicone round vinyl caps for various typed of paint masking. Silicone round vinyl caps will work wondering protecting threads during finishing operations. Paint won't stick either, which allows you to get use after use out of these vinyl caps. Use on machinery, home furniture, tools, and more. These caps will fit snuggly over all types of tools, and rough or sharp protrusions, giving you safety and protection. Place over open screws on machinery or furniture. Cover areas you don't want exposed with silicone round vinyl caps. You can trust Harman Corporation to deliver you durable high quality silicone round vinyl caps.