Custom Dip Molding Process

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At Harman Corporation, we have over 50 years of experience providing custom dip molding design and manufacturing, offering unique and functional parts that give our customers an immediate competitive advantage.

  • Low Tooling Costs
  • Made In The USA
  • Short Lead Times on Production Tooling
  • Rapid and Inexpensive Prototypes

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Custom Dip Process & Options

Wondering what happens when you call Harman Corporation for a custom dip molding project? We’ve outlined the process below to help customers understand what they can expect upon calling.

Getting Started

Once a customer has an idea for a custom part, we can help numerous ways. The customer can provide a CAD drawing or we can do one for them. Once the diagram is approved, we cut the tool to drive the prototype process. All tooling is done in-house, via fully-integrated CNC equipment.

Rapid and Inexpensive Prototypes

Once the prototyping process is finalized, we send customers a sample prototype to review. Once approved, a purchase order is generated and the custom part goes into full-scale production! All quotes are provided before the prototyping process begins.

All prototypes go through quality control for dimensional integrity to ensure the highest end product possible. Please note, prototypes are not production quality. Prototypes are designed to prove fit and function of component. Minor changes or modifications from customer are easily achieved.

Fast Turnaround

Turnaround times for most custom parts are 7-10 business days. To ensure customers get their custom product turned around quickly as possible, we also offer expedited molding, upon request.

Knowledgeable Sales Staff

With thousands of custom parts under our belt, everyone in our sales staff is extremely knowledgable on the process and easy to work with, making the process easy as possible from concept to prototype.

Size Availability

Any size, any length. No matter how custom the job, we can create a part that matches your specific requirements.

Production Volume

In order to place a custom order, we require a minimum of 250 parts per order. There is no maximum order quantity, and per unit pricing goes down with orders over 10,000.


We offer the following finishes on all vinyl custom dip molded products:

Secondary Capabilities

We offer the following secondary services on all custom dip molded products:

Cutting Services
Hole Punching Services
Printing Services
Harman Corp Custom Dip Molding

Why Custom Dip Molding?

  • Less Expensive Than Injection Molding
  • Turnaround Time Is Weeks, Not Months
  • Affordable, Inexpensive Prototypes
  • Big Parts Easily Made Without Excessive Tooling Investment
  • Variable Materials & Textures
  • Vinyl Makes Every Color Stand Out
  • Multi-Dip Capabilities Provide The Option To Double-Dip Parts, Offering Unique Exterior Designs And Enhanced Durability

Industries & Applications

Harman Corp.’s custom dip molding services are available to design parts for most industries and applications. Here are some of the most popular:


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