About Vinyl Custom Design Grips

Let Harman Corporation assist in creating your own custom design plastic grips. We can create a grip that will fit any application. Whether the plastic grip be for manufacturing purposes, business or for personal use, we can make the perfect quality vinyl grip. Visit our site, find a grip or contact us about any specific style and design you have in mind, we're here to for you!

Customize your plastic grip by specifying the exact size, color, and style you need. Here at Harman we make vinyl grips for a variety of applications, shop high gloss grips, foam grips and finger grabber grips. We have a wide selection of styles to choose from, so you're bound to find the perfect solution. If you need further assurance beyond what you see on our site, simply request a plastic grip sample. First select a specific product on our site you would be interested in receiving and find the part number. Then you can request a sample one of three ways and see for yourself a sample custom design grip. Request a custom grip one of three ways. First, you can simply click request a sample near the part number on our website. If you'd rather talk to us in person, call us at 248-651-4477. If you're more comfortable with email, email us at sales@harmancorp.com or select our live chat feature. We look forward to doing business with you.

Uses Of Vinyl Custom Grips

Harman Corporation has been making custom design plastic grips for a variety of uses over the years. The amount of uses our custom grips have been created for would almost be impossible to figure out because they are numerous. Whatever your application for a custom grip may be, we're sure to have or be able to create a solution!

Shop our vinyl custom grips and find the perfect solution. Whether you are shopping for manufacturing purposes, at home use or workplace reasons, our custom vinyl grips will be the most cost effective and durable choice! Just some of our most popular grips have a variety of uses. For example, our hanger grips, that feature finger grabber grips with an opening at the end allow you the ability to hang whatever item you apply them to. Hanger grips are great for household tools, such as brooms, shovels, and even kitchen items. The finger grabber grips ensure a tight hold, you can also purchase finger grabber grips without the hanger. Another popular custom grip would be our foam grips. Foam grips feature a vinyl core and a foam surface, making these custom vinyl grips extra durable and comfortable to grip. These grips are used mostly on bicycle handles, gym equipment and other types of machinery.

Harman Corporation will make any custom designed grips you may need. Select your preferred color, size, and what logo you would like on the grip. You can trust Harman Corporation, with years of experience and expertise, to quickly prototype your custom design.

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