About Plastic Grips

Harman Corporation's Plastic Grips are the perfect accessory to add to many household and workplace items. Plastic Grips will make all of your tasks easier by adding extra grip and comfort. Plastic Grips will improve your tasks with ease, comfort, and protection. These grips will provide minimal slippage when you are performing daily routine tasks. All of our Plastic Grips are specially designed to improve slip resistance, thanks to the ergonomic finger grooves. The Plastic Grips are easy to install on tools and always look stylish and fun. Plastic Grips are durable and functional. Customize your exact Plastic Grip and even add your company text or logo. Bring comfort and organization into your life with Harman Corp.'s Plastic Grips. Being safe is easy and fun with these Plastic Grips.

Uses For Plastic Grips

Plastic Grips serve many functions and uses. Whether you are looking for comfort, minimizing slippage, customization, or other perks, Harman Corporation's Plastic Grips are sure to to the trick. Discover all the ways that Plastic Grips will bring convenience and comfort to your everyday tasks. Plastic Grips can be put to many uses. We offer a huge variety of Grips, so of course their are going to be a multitude of uses. Our Round Grips as well as our Finger Grabber Grips can be used on tools, bikes, and many children's toys. Plastic Grips can help protect you from rough and sharp edges on many items and tools. Hanger Grips feature an opening that allows for items to be easily and conveniently hung in storage. This makes great for fast storage and a great uncluttered look. Foam Grips and Soft Texture Finish Grip are commonly used on exercise equipment and bicycle handlebars. Our Square Grips are great for creating a finished look to many commonly used items. Plastic Grips are also a great way to Promote your company or keep a better organizational system. Customize any of our functional and colorful grips to your desired style.

Types Of Plastic Grips

Harman Corporation provides many options for Plastic Grips. We customize any Style Plastic Grip to fit your exact needs. Choose from a wide selection of useful and convenient Plastic Grips. You will find many Plastic Grips to fulfill all of your needs, right here at Harman Corp. Choose from Round Grips and Finger Grabber Grips, both perfect for adding a finishing touch and comfort to your tools. Hanger Grips making storage simple and easy, because they feature an opening that allows your tools to be hung from hooks or nails. Rectangular Caps + Grips, Matte finish grips are perfect for any household tool. No matter what shape or size your tools are, we can fit it exactly. Double Dip Grips are durable, and combine protection and style. All these styles and many more are available for complete customization. Create the right size Plastic Grip, with the perfect color and even add a logo! There are so many types of Plastic Grips to choose from; find yours today!

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