Types Of Plastic Grips

Harman Corporation provides many options for Plastic Grips

    Choose from a wide selection of useful and convenient plastic grips. You will find many plastic grips to fulfill all of your needs, right here at Harman Corp.
  • Choose from Round Grips and Finger Grabber Grips, both perfect for adding a finishing touch and comfort to your tools
  • Hanger Grips making storage simple and easy, because they feature an opening that allows your tools to be hung from hooks or nails
  • Both Rectangular Caps + Grips and Matte Finish Grips are perfect for trailer manufacturers
  • Double Dip Grips are durable, and combine protection and style

All these styles and many more are available for complete customization. Create the right size plastic grip for your next requirement, with the perfect color and even add a logo! There are so many types of plastic grips to choose from, finding yours today is easy!