About Square Tubing Plugs

Exposed tubing is ugly. Square plastic tubing plugs can provide a nice polished finish for those rough edges that are created when square tubing is cut. Having tubing plugs installed will keep your furniture footing clean ensuring that no water, dust or other small particles will find its way into the tubing. The plugs available from the Harman Corporation come in a variety of different sizes and can be custom manufactured depending on the tube gauge and tube wall thickness you're looking for.

Plastic square tubing plugs will give your office furniture new life. By replacing or installing new plastic plugs on desks or chairs, you'll find it easier to position your furniture around the office.

Don't forget square plastic tube plugs save money! You can reduce the amount of scratches to any floor by simply installing new plastic square plugs to the bottom of your furniture feet. Plastic tube plugs are placed within the hollow tubing at the foot of any furniture leg to prevent any raw exposed metal from scraping against the floor. This small modification to your furniture is easy to overlook, but adding plastic plugs to your furniture could prevent your family or business from having to replace an entire floor.

Uses For Plastic Square Tubing Plugs

Many bathroom necessities including towel hangers, shelving, racks, and paper towel holders use square tubing where square plastic tubing plugs can quickly be installed. These plastic square tube plugs are made to prevent moisture and debris from getting into the tubing and damaging the fixture.

Add lasting protection against minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes by plugging square tube ends in seconds. You no longer have to worry about workplace injuries or accidents around the house due to exposed metal. These square plastic tube plugs offer a solution for shelving, lighting, fixtures, storage, and many more items you'll find that use square tubing.

While most office furniture today already includes a tube plug, it is not uncommon for these plugs to break and fall off. Plastic square plugs from the Harman Corporation feature unique ribs which are made to grip right to the inside of the square tubes and provide lasting protection. The plastic square tube plugs from the Harman Corporation are made to last. Consider replacing your plastic plugs today and give your office furniture an upgrade.

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