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Improve your everyday life with handy Vinyl Caps. You will get safety, comfort and a fun new look when you add on Harman Corporations Vinyl Caps. Harman Corporation provides Vinyl Caps in different styles, sizes and colors. Custom sizing and Logo printing are available as well. Get the right quality Vinyl Cap for your specific need. Start creating a better work or home environment with Vinyl Caps.

Harman Corporations Vinyl Caps offer extra comfort and useful convenience. Let our Vinyl Caps bring comfort to your gardening or household tools. Our Custom Vinyl Caps add a great grip and seal to your items. Many of our Caps will prevent injury and cover rough or sharps ends and edges of things commonly found around your living space. Round Hanger Vinyl caps fit tightly around items such as tools, sporting goods, brooms, and kitchen tools for easy hanging and a nice tight grip. Our Vinyl Caps are also perfect for adding onto various children's toys. Place Corner Covers on glass and mirrors to protect them from chipping or breaking. You will find a multitude of useful Harman Corp Vinyl Caps for many of your chores, tasks and hobbies. Have fun finding your preferred Vinyl Cap!

Uses For Vinyl Caps

Let our Vinyl Caps make a world of difference in making your everyday life both safer and easier. Vinyl caps come in a variety of sizes and shapes for a multitude of uses. Vinyl Caps can be used by everyday consumers and businesses alike. Discover the many great uses of Harman Corps Vinyl Caps!

Use our handy Vinyl Caps for protection from dust, moisture on open ends found on furniture, toys and machinery. Create a good grip on items such as garden tools and kitchen utensils and more. You can can even use the solely for a more clean and fun look. Cover sharp edges of outdoor tables, workspaces and any other rough edge objects with Vinyl Corner Caps to prevent injury or damage. Create a safer work environment with Vinyl Caps as well. Hex Caps are useful in the workplace, because they securely snap on any protruding screws and bolts. Many of our vinyl caps can be fitted on children?s toys, to protect them from rough edges and scrapes. Businesses can utilize Vinyl caps for various reasons, including manufacturing, workplace safety and machinery upkeep. Find your preferred custom Vinyl Cap from Harman Corp today!

Benefits Of Vinyl Caps

Vinyl square caps and vinyl hex caps remain beneficial for many of our customers who are looking to cap square or hexagonal tubing. Round, square, and hex caps will help give your product a more polished look and feel while keeping out unwanted debris like dust and moisture. Our round, square, and hex-shaped vinyl caps can also be imprinted with your own company logo or tagline. Discover unlimited benefits by adding your mark to any of our square or round caps today.

The safety of customers and employees has always been a concern for small business owners, and the Harman Corporation hopes to change that with products such as vinyl caps. Now you can start using vinyl caps to safely seal any protruding bolts from your product or within your work environment. You'll feel better knowing that the metal work on your product is protected with our vinyl caps. Scrapes, cuts, and other injuries can easily occur when leaving metal exposed, but with the vinyl caps from the Harman Corporation you'll no longer have to worry about accidents happening.

Try taking a look at our vented pull tabs or round pull tabs if you know that a standard vinyl cap won't do the job. Both of these caps feature pull tabs and work great in any situation where a cap needs to provide an efficient seal, yet can also be removed quickly. Additionally, the vented pull tabs and round pull tabs allow for easy gripping. These small but important features allow our vinyl pull tabs to be removed quickly and easily and provide much more benefit for end users.

Customized Vinyl Caps

When it comes to needing a plastic cap, each business has its own specific requirements, and Harman Corporation will take those requirements into consideration by letting you customize the size, shape, and color of your vinyl caps. We can even produce vinyl caps with your company's logo or tagline on them. No matter how unique your specifications, we can manufacture plastic caps that will work perfectly with your project.

With these customization options, you're guaranteed to find exactly what you're looking for. We understand that flexibility is important to your business and not everyone works with the same materials. This is why our range of customization options is so broad. We hope that you'll find the perfect vinyl caps at the Harman Corporation; no matter what shape, size, or color. If you have any questions about the customization options for any of our vinyl caps, please call our factory at (248) 651-4477, and our staff will help you determine which type of vinyl cap will work best for you and your business.

Features Of Vinyl Caps

Find comfort and function in Harman Corps Vinyl Caps. Vinyl Caps provide many great features such as making objects safer and easier to use. Find safety and comfort with these fun and colorful Vinyl Caps. Choose your size, color and specific style Plastic Cap. Custom sizing and Logo printing are available as well. Discover how great Vinyl Caps really are.

Vinyl Caps offer comfort and style and work wonders on various applications. Use Vinyl Caps on household tools such as gardening equipment, lawn equipment, toys, lawn furniture or cleaning supplies and tools. Vinyl Caps help prevent against injury by covering rough or sharp ends and edges. Each style of Vinyl Cap serves it's own unique function. For example, you can place Corner Covers on glass and mirrors to protect them from chipping or breaking. Use round hanger caps for easy storage and clean up on brooms, mops and dusters. Vinyl Caps are quality made to last you for years to come. Find your much needed Vinyl Plastic Caps here at Harman Corp. today!

Why Choose Vinyl Caps?

Vinyl Caps are always a great choice because of all the benefits that they provide. Vinyl Caps are available in a variety of fun colors so you can match items or choose the one you prefer. Customization is what Harman Corp. is all about- get the right size, color and even add text or a logo to these excellent Vinyl Caps.

When you order customized Vinyl Caps from Harman, you will getting a safe and well made product. Work safely from home or your business while Vinyl Caps bring comfort and prevent injuries such as cuts and scrapes. With such a great variety of Vinyl Caps to choose from and each performing a unique function, you're sure to find the perfect Vinyl Cap for the job! All of our Plastic Caps are tight gripping, long lasting and will look great no matter what their application. If you have any questions about the customization options for any of our vinyl caps, please call our factory at (248) 651-4477 and our staff will help you determine which type of vinyl cap will work best for you and your business. Find the perfect Vinyl Caps for your specific needs today from Harman Corp.

Many Styles Of Vinyl Caps

Choose from a huge selection of Vinyl Caps here at Harman Corporation. With so many options, you are guaranteed to find the right Vinyl Cap for whatever your need may be. Each Vinyl Caps serves a specific use and can be customized to the exact size and color you need. Harman even offers text and logo printing on these handy Vinyl Caps.

Our Vinyl Caps come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. Choose Plastic Corner Covers to protect glass tables or mirrors, or try out the Plastic Round Hanger Caps, perfect for the ends of brooms, dusters, and mops. Round Caps are an all around simple and extremely useful Vinyl Cap. Our durable rectangular caps and grips are long and flat, great for use at home. Round Pull Tabs are designed for applications where easy removal of the cap is needed.

All of our Vinyl Caps are uniquely designed to serve specific needs. Vented Pull Tabs, for example, are made with slits, creating small air vents that prevent them from popping off tubing or other items due to pressure build up. Find these and many other styles and designs in Vinyl Caps for your work or household use today from Harman.

Vinyl Cap Applications

Vinyl Caps have several different applications. Whether you are looking for Vinyl Caps to fulfill a need at home or workplace use, you'll find it here at Harman Corporation. Vinyl Caps are made for specific uses but are versatile and multi-functional at the same time.

Each one of our Vinyl Caps has many uses. Our Round Caps are most commonly used for toys or lawn tools to create a protective, finished look. Square Vinyl Caps work are perfect for the ends of square poles, such as patio furniture, and can be covered with square caps and grips to prevent rough edges from causing harm. Round Grab Tabs work well as paint masks that are used to cover items during finishing operations like painting and powder coating. Anti-Roll Caps are best used when shipping items where rolling may cause damage. Silicone Flange Capse flange caps help protect threaded studs during finishing operations.

Vinyl Caps have many more great uses beyond the handful mentioned here, so if you have a need, Harman Corporation has the right Vinyl Cap to take care of it. Order your Vinyl Caps today!

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