Plastic Caps for Specialized Industrial Applications

Harman Corporation offers trusted plastic caps for component protection during processes, such as high temp paint masking. Only vinyl can go on sensitive components for nuclear industry uses.You can choose Harman plastic caps for a variety of specialized industrial applications.

Specialized Industrial Applications

Harman Corp. offers a wide range of vinyl products and parts for a variety of industrial applications. From uses as protective closures or uses as temperature resistant masking applications, our vinyl caps, plugs and grips are trusted and used for many professional grade uses.

Flexible vinyl protective closures are used in a very diverse range of industrial applications. Specialized applications include protecting high value components throughout the manufacturing process this includes precision machined components for the aerospace and nuclear industries. Relatively low tooling costs and short lead times associated with custom flexible vinyl closures readily support small quantity custom protective applications.

The inherent properties of flexible vinyl make it naturally durable and resistant to temperature and chemical exposures not suited for other plastics. Combine these inherent properties with the flexibility to formulate material for specific exposures like UV resistance, contact with soft metals or applications impacted by specific regulatory requirements, make flexible vinyl an extremely diverse materials suited for an incredible range of applications. Order your vinyl parts or request a sample from Harman Corp. today.

Protecting Consumers, Young And Old

Harman Corporation flexibly vinyl parts are used in a diverse range of applications to protect consumers young and old. Many professional grade manufacturers and big name companies trust Harman Corp. to supply the very best quality products to ensure safety and comfortable use of products.

When you choose vinyl caps, plugs and grips from Harman Corp. you can be guaranteed that our products will last a long time, provide durability but most importantly, provide safety for our consumers. Common applications include protective grips on hand tools or outdoor power equipment like lawn mowers or snow blowers and to cover sharp corners or exposed threads on consumer products.

Specialized applications of flexibly vinyl parts include protective closures on toys and children's products that are produced using non-phthalate CPSIA compliant materials. Other components are specifically designed for UV resistance and exterior applications.

From lumber racks in a big box home improvement store, the lawn mower and garden tools in your garage, the rocking horse or small scooter in your home and in literally hundreds of applications, Harman Corporation flexible vinyl products protect consumers you and old.

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