Custom Wire Harness Cover

Harman Corp Testimonial

Harman Corp Testimonials

Industry: Battery Power Manufacturer

Product: Custom Protective Wire Harness Cover

Custom Wire Harness Cover Testimonial Pic 1
Wire harness cover prototype (left), Tooling designed to make prototype (right)
Custom Wire Harness Cover Testimonial Pic 2
Prototype being used on wire harness sample, helping keep wires in in place

Harman was contacted by a manufacturer of automated gear-driven drives for battery-operated applications. A wire harness is part of every assembly. Often during shipping, the harness has shown a propensity to become damaged. The manufacturer approached Harman to make a custom wire harness cover. We produced a tool, then built a prototype for approval. They were impressed with the part. But, the initial concept spurred their engineers to approach us to build an additional protection device that covers their harness, but could also cover the harness for the gear drive connection controller.

  • Affordable Prototyping
  • Enhancements To Initial Prototype
  • Added Protection/Efficiency to Workspace