About Round Vinyl Grips

Round Vinyl Grips are a great way to add comfort to your household items and will help protect you from discomfort. Harman Corporation's Round Vinyl Grips are made-to-order and you specify the size and color you need.

Round Vinyl Grips can be used in day-to-day activity to provide comfort when working with levers and handles of all sorts. They are excellent to place on bikes to help you supply a firm grip. And with our large selection of Round Vinyl Grips, you are sure to receive the grip you need.

Using Round Vinyl Grips

Use Harman's Vinyl Round Grips as a functional way to improve appearance and comfort on many domestic items. Our round vinyl grips come in all sizes, are guaranteed to provide a secure fit on all handles they are placed on, and will always be a reliable source of protection. Use vinyl round grips on bikes to add extra comfort to your ride or place them on handles and levers to improve your grip on machinery.

The vinyl round grips are extremely durable, which makes them extremely useful and long lasting. Specify your desired length and color, and we will accommodate your needs. Theses vinyl round grips can easily be imprinted with your logo, company name, or a custom message.