About Silicone Tape

It might not be Spello-tape, but silicone tape is pure magic, resulting in long-lasting and durable bonds. Silicone tape is self-fusing, thanks to a thin layer of silicone gel that forms a permanent bond around whatever it is applied to.

More magical still, silicone tape is ultraviolet-radiation resistant, making it less susceptible to the degradation of regular tape. Silicone tape is also resistant to a number of other possibly degrading materials, including ozone, moisture, solvents, fuels, and acids. Did we mention that silicone tape stays flexible in the cold while also remaining heat resistant?

As you could imagine, silicone tape has an amazing range of applications including the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields. In clinical settings, it adheres medical equipment to the body. Silicone tape is often used in the aviation and naval industries. It is also used to weatherproof and seal electrical connections.

Silicone tape from Harman Corporation - it's like magic!