Advantages Of Plastic Insert Plugs

Discover the many advantages of Harman Corporation's Plastic Insert Tube Plugs. Get protection, durability, and a great finished look with plastic insert plugs. From tubing and other various objects, adding on plastic insert plugs will vastly improve the look and function.

Provides Attractive Finish

Create an attractive finish to metal furnishings or open ended tubing with our plastic insert plugs. Our plastic plugs will provide a durable as well as appealing finished appearance for access holes in sheet metal.

Lasting, Protective Sealant

The LDPE tubing plugs have a unique "quadra-level" locking system that provides a strong grip on varying gauges of metal. These insert plugs also protect furniture or machinery from dust and moisture and dirt. Plastic insert plugs keep all types of things out including insects, water, dirt, and debris.

Durable Make-Up

Plastic insert plugs can offer so many advantages, Low Density Polyethylene is extremely durable and long-lasting so you will almost never have to replace your plastic insert plugs. Plastic Insert plugs are also able to withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees fahrenheit and have a natural UV stabilizer that makes it great for outdoor uses.

Easily Installed

Harman Corp.'s plastic insert plugs are easy to use and install without tools. Plastic Plugs will ensure your various objects and machinery keep functioning properly with a sealed air tight surface.

Customization Available

Customized parts can be manufactured with minimum quantities. If you require a different design or make-up, contact Harman about our Custom Injection Molded Capabilities.

For the various reason above, our customers apply our plastic insert plugs on furniture, machinery, sheet metal, or even children's toys to ensure safety and make for longer lasting items. Choose Harman for plastic insert plugs and start experiencing the many advantages.