Benefits Of Hanger Grips

Start working with ease and comfort, thanks to Hanger Grips. These specialty grips will ensure you’ll be able to store items faster and work more efficiently.

Hanging Ability

The main function of these unique plastic grips is the hanger hole on the end each of each piece, which allows users to store in various places around the workplace or home.

More Stability

Furthermore, there are added finger grooves molded into the grip, offering a tight, sturdy grip. Don’t worry, these grips will conform perfectly with your grasp.

Shock Absorption

When you add plastic hanger grips to your tools, you will not only be adding convenience, these specially designed grips also offer great shock absorption. Reduce tension and strain while working and improve your daily work routine.

Looking for custom-designed hanger grips? Learn more about our Custom Dip Molding services. We can even add logos to your grips. To buy or learn more about hanger grips, click the additional links.