Benefits Of Vinyl Caps

The safety of customers and employees has always been a concern for small business owners, and the Harman Corporation hopes to change that with products such as vinyl caps.

Companies can start using vinyl caps to safely seal any protruding bolts from your product or within your work environment. Management will feel better knowing the metal work on your product is protected with our vinyl caps. Scrapes, cuts, and other injuries can easily occur when leaving metal exposed, but with the vinyl caps from the Harman Corporation you'll no longer have to worry about accidents happening.

For business who requiring lots of outbound shipping, vinyl square caps and vinyl round caps remain beneficial for many of our customers who are looking to cap square or round tubing. Round, square, and hex caps will help give your product a more polished look and feel while keeping out unwanted debris like dust and moisture. Our various vinyl caps can also be imprinted with your own company logo or tagline . Discover unlimited benefits by adding your mark to any of our square or round caps today.

Try taking a look at our grab tabs or round pull tabs if you know that a round vinyl cap won't do the job. Both of these caps feature pull tabs and work great in any situation where a cap needs to provide an efficient seal, yet can also be removed quickly. Additionally, the grab tabs and round pull tabs allow for easy gripping. These small but important features allow our vinyl caps to be removed quickly and easily and provide much more benefit for end users.