Custom Caps for Fence Posts

Harman Corp Testimonial

Harman Corp Testimonials

Industry: Building Materials

Product: Custom Cap For Fence Posts w/Custom Packaging

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A renowned distributor of building materials introduced a new fencing system that needed to have custom, thicker plastic caps for extra strength and durability. The buyer typically ordered from a local provider, but as sales grew and the need for caps increased, the local provider wasn’t able to supply on time. The distributor needed to find a supplier that could make his custom product, but also keep up with the delivery requirements demanded.

Harman was able to provide a custom cap with a thicker wall for extra strength. In addition, Harman is "bagging" the custom caps 50 caps to a bag to so they’re ready for re-sale along with the fencing.

  • Unique Custom Caps
  • Fast Turnaround and Short Lead Times
  • Custom Store-Ready Packaging, Done In-House