Custom Caps For Product Protection In Retail


Harman Corp Testimonials

Industry: Hand Tools + Retail

Product: Custom Cap For Product Protection


Lowe’s recognized a higher risk of liability because i-beams in the store had sharp edges where a customer could be hurt. One of Lowes’ leading tool suppliers contacted Harman, looking to find a solution to reduce the risk of injury for Lowes’ customers.

Harman created a custom plastic cap to cover the ends of the I-beams and reduce the risk of injury for those shopping at Lowes. These caps are produced in Safety Yellow so they’re easily seen, again reducing the risk of liability for the company. The tool manufacturer will now retrofit every Lowe’s store with the custom product, creating a safer environment for both shoppers and workers.

  • Unique Custom Design Caps
  • Added Protection for Safe Use
  • Stand-Out Colors

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