Custom Caps for Product Protection


Harman Corp Testimonials

Industry: Energy

Product: Custom Cap for Product Protection


A leading energy company has large solar farms throughout the United States. One of the products in the solar farms has a blunt steel end, and the company recognized the need to cover that end for protection of their workforce. However, the geometries for the products were all unique (one like a backwards Z needing both a right hand and left hand cap, another looks like a top hat), and there were no "off the shelf" caps that would work.

The customer turned to Harman to produce the unique plastic caps they needed. After receiving samples of the actual parts, Harman produced engineered drawings and custom prototypes for the customer’s approval. The energy company then ordered the three unique caps created by Harman, and capped 40 acres of solar equipment in North Carolina.

  • Custom Protective Cap
  • Affordable Prototyping
  • Fast Turnaround and Short Lead Times

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