Custom Hanging Cap for Golf


Harman Corp Testimonials

Industry: Athletic Equipment

Product: Custom Hanging Cap for Golf Balls


A marketer of golf related giveaway products for PGA events contacted Harman. They produce a product called the Caddi Cap, which is a vinyl hanging cap designed to hang off a golf bag. The cap holds a golf ball in place until squeezed, the ball then releases. Often golfers use a specific ball for putting, or as an easy to grab ball, should you go out of bounds. The cap was released originally about 20 years ago and they sold quite a few. Harman did not make the original caddy cap. However, we were approached by the patent holder to start making it for him. We have produced first run in two colors, some with the Caddi Cap logo and others without. The owner is thrilled and will be introducing the product at an upcoming PGA event.

The owner of the golf giveaway company is so impressed with our efforts, he has 2 other vinyl golf related products ideas. We are currently in the design stage with the additional products.

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