Custom Plastic Plugs for Sports Equipment


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Industry: Athletic Equipment

Product: Custom Plastic Plug with Logo for Sports Equipment


A certain athletic equipment manufacturer makes a netting system to put around sports fields during practices (soccer, lacrosse, etc), to protect anyone using the track surrounding the fields. The netting is installed with poles, and when taken down, the poles are removed leaving an exposed support structure (holes in the ground) in place.

The manufacturer needed custom plastic plugs to cover the support structures for added safety and to keep debris from getting in the structures. They also wanted the plugs branded with their logo, so we leveraged our Printing Services. Ultimately, Harman created an injected molded plug that fits neatly into the support structure, and prominently displayed their logo.

  • Custom Injected Molded Plug
  • Logo Printing
  • Proprietary Ink Formulation For Added Longevity

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