Features Of Vinyl Caps

Find comfort and function in Harman Corp’s wide variety of Vinyl Caps. Vinyl Caps provide many great features such as making objects safer and easier to use.

Vinyl Caps offer comfort and style and work wonders on various applications. At home, vinyl caps provide function and safety on household tools such as gardening equipment, lawn equipment, toys, lawn furniture or cleaning supplies and tools. Vinyl Caps can also prevent injury by covering rough or sharp ends and edges.

Each style of vinyl cap serves it's own unique function. For example, you can place Corner Covers on glass and mirrors to protect them from chipping or breaking. Use round hanger caps for easy storage and clean up on brooms, mops and dusters. No matter the need, vinyl caps are quality made to last for years to come.

Find safety and comfort with these fun and colorful vinyl caps. Choose your size, color and specific style plastic cap. Custom sizing ,custom punching,logo printing and are available as well.