Give-N-Go Hockey Testimonial

Give-N-Go Hockey is a growing sports equipment company from Michigan, who offers products to help hockey players improve their skills. Their Give-N-Go product is specifically designed as a passing and receiving aid, offering rubber bumpers for rebounding activities during skill drills.

When we asked Give-N-Go’s owner Jim Marinoff about his experience with Harman Corp, his response spoke volumes about Harman’s ability to identify and provide a custom solution that surpassed their needs.


Harman: What was the initial reason for contacting Harman?

Give-N-Go: We needed an end cap designed for our on ice model Give-N-Go to protect the gripper teeth during shipping and to protect our customers when transporting to and from the ice arena.

Harman: What was the final solution Harman provided and how did it achieve your goal?

Give-N-Go: Mike Allen at Harman met with us and took careful measurements of our product and provided us with a sample to make sure the end caps fit correctly. His measurements were correct the first time and we quickly went into production and received our first order in 3 weeks.

Harman: Would you recommend Harman Corp to others looking for a custom dip molded solution?

Give-N-Go: Yes. I would recommend Harman Corp to someone else. We are very fortunate to have them part of our team!

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