Highwood Enterprises Testimonial

Highwood Enterprises provides innovative shelving solutions for use in shipping containers, garages, commercial and industrial spaces. Their shelving options are specifically intended to maximize unused space and all made in the USA.

When looking to buy material for their next product run, Highwood reached out to Harman for square tubing plugs, to enclose the ends of their shelving arms. Although they previously used another supplier, the Idaho-based company found our finishing plugs to be a perfect fit, for only a fraction of the price.


Harman: What was the initial reason for originally contacting Harman?

Highwood: A competitive quote on tube end plugs we use within our Conextra shelving units.

Harman: What was the proposed solution you had in mind?

Highwood: An alternative company and possibly better pricing.

Harman: What was the final solution Harman provided and how did it achieve your goal?

Highwood: Quick quotes and the pricing was better than we were already paying.

Harman: What is the intended use of the final product?

Highwood: A finishing touch to our product, to make our product safer for customers.

Harman: Would you recommend Harman Corp to others looking for a unique plastic part?

Highwood: Yes, and we already have!

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