How To Order Custom Design Vinyl Grips

Need a Custom Designed Vinyl Grip? No problem. At Harman, our valued customers can easily customize our standard plastic grips, by specifying the exact size, color, and style. Here at Harman, we can customize our vinyl grips in a variety of styles (finger grabber gripshanger grips) and finishes (high gloss gripsmatte finish gripsdouble dip finish grips). Plus, we have a wide selection of stock styles to choose from, so you're always bound to find the perfect solution.

Free Samples Available

If you need further assurance beyond what you see on our site, simply request a plastic grip sample. First, select a specific product on our site you would be interested in receiving and find the part number. Then you can request a sample one of three ways and see for yourself a sample custom design grip.

  • 1 Simply click ‘Request A Sample’ near the part number on our website
  • 2 If you'd rather talk to us in person, call us at 248-651-4477
  • 3 If you're more comfortable with email, email us at or select our live chat feature

No matter how you’re using our custom designed vinyl grips, Harman Corp. offers a reliable option for your home or workplace. We look forward to doing business with you.