Many Styles Of Vinyl Caps

Choose from a huge selection of plastic Vinyl Caps here at Harman Corporation. With so many options, you are guaranteed to find the right Vinyl Cap for whatever your need may be. Each vinyl cap serves a specific use and can be customized to the exact size and color you need. Harman even offers text and logo printing on these versatile vinyl caps.

  • Choose Plastic Corner Covers to protect glass tables or mirrors, or try out the Plastic Round Hanger Caps, perfect for the ends of brooms, dusters, and mops
  • Round Caps are an all around simple and extremely useful vinyl cap
  • Our durable Rectangular Caps and Grips are long and flat, great for use on handles
  • Round Pull Tabs are designed for applications where easy removal of the cap is needed
  • Vented Pull Tabs, for example, are made with slits, creating small air vents that prevent them from popping off tubing or other items due to pressure build up

All of our vinyl caps are uniquely designed to serve specific needs. Find these and many other styles and designs in vinyl caps for your work or household use today from Harman.