TrainingLace Testimonial

TrainingLace is a cutting edge athletic training weight. The flexible nature of the TrainingLace makes it easy to wrap added weight around anything, from a baseball bat or golf club to your arm or ankle.

When building a prototype for the TrainingLace, owner Jay Ciccarone shopped for parts overseas and with some of our competitors. Eventually, TrainingLace wound up partnering with Harman Corp.

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Harman: What was the initial reason for initially contacting Harman?

TrainingLace: At the beginning of our product research, we were in search of durable foam, for the exterior of our TrainingLace weights. We started looking in China, because we thought it would be cheaper. We actually ended up buying 45,000 foam pieces from a Chinese manufacturer. However, after paying out all the broker fees and experiencing so many difficulties, we realized buying from China was not cheaper at all.

If we made shirts, or were a big company buying mass quantities, it might make sense. But, if you’re not that big, buying overseas simply is not worth the trouble. So, when it came time to purchase the end caps for  TrainingLace, we wanted them manufactured in the USA. Once we got ahold of Harman, we were on the right track immediately.

Harman: How Did Harman Help TrainingLace Find The Proper Solution?

TrainingLace: When we reached out to Harman, our salesman Jeff not only took the call, but he helped guide us throughout our buying process. Jeff was very patient with us, for what seemed like 3 weeks to a month, answering any questions we needed along the way. He even sent a few free samples. By the time we shopped our idea around elsewhere, we realized getting our plastic caps manufactured through Harman was our best option.

Harman: What was the final solution Harman provided and how did it achieve your goal?

TrainingLace: After sending over the TrainingLace prototype to Jeff, he was able to work with his team of molders to come up with a plastic end cap that met our specs. We got custom colors and sizing, but the thing we really liked most about the plastic end caps Harman gave us was the quality. These are noticeably better quality, offering a thicker and more durable vinyl material than samples we received from the other guys. Harman’s plastic caps put a great finishing touch on the TrainingLace.

Harman: Did you call any other plastic companies? If so, why did you end up choosing Harman?

TrainingLace: We called Caplugs. Getting through to them was hard. Felt like it was easier to get in touch with the President Of The United States. Plus, I already have Caplugs’ catalog. It’s 372 pages. You need a doctorates degree to figure out this catalog. Whereas our Harman salesman Jeff was easy to get ahold of, helpful on the phone and happy to explain. These other companies are operating like they need to send a catalog, like Sears. We’ve never gotten a catalog from you. We don’t need one. Younger generations don’t want catalogs. Why spend the money to send that? Just have a person to talk to. Aside from the pricing, that’s why we chose Harman.

Harman: Would you recommend Harman Corp to others looking for a unique plastic part?

TrainingLace: Of course!

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