Uses For Finger Grabber Grips

The benefits of Finger Grabber Grips are huge! Adding finger grabber grips to a variety of tools and handles can instantly improve your daily routine. Highly functional finger grabber grips from Harman Corp. are comfortable and add needed function to many commonly used machines or tools.

Due to their ergonomic finger grooves, these specialty plastic grips are ideal for applications to reduce the strain and slip when operating machinery or using tools. They’re commonly used in products such as tools, toys, hand tools, powered machines, and much more. Once you get finger grabber grips in your needed size, color, and style, you will immediately see their benefit.

Looking to customize your finger grabber grips? We offer numerous finishes for these plastic grips, ranging from High Gloss and Soft Texture to Matte and Double Dip. Plus, our Custom Dip Molding services can offer custom sizes for unique fits.

Harman Corp.'s finger grabber grips are a great value on products where extra comfort and hold is needed.