Uses For Hanger Grips

There are a variety of wonderful uses for our hanger grips! Adding hanger grips to various tools and handles can instantly streamline your daily work routine, as well as your storage system. That’s because these highly functional hanger grips from Harman not only add comfort, they’re great for getting work done faster on the job and helping your projects or workplaces stay uncluttered.

Hanger Grips feature an opening that allows items to be easily and conveniently hung in storage, making them great quick storage and a neat, uncluttered look. These plastic grips help reduce strain and slippage when operating machinery or doing daily chores. Because of their unique design, these specialty hanger grips are perfect for applications such as tools, toys, hand tools, and much more. Furthermore, the ergonomic finger grooves allow for a tight grasp on all of your commonly used tools and machines.

Once you get your desired hanger grips in your desired size, color, and style, you will feel their benefit. These specialty plastic grips are also a great way to promote your company or keep a better organizational system. Customize any of our functional and colorful grips to your desired style with our Custom Dip Molding services.