Uses For Plastic Square Tubing Plugs

There are plenty of potential ways to use our Square Tubing Plugs:

Keeping Goods Clean

Many applications including patio furniture, shelving and racks use square tubing plugs where unwanted openings are present. These plastic square tube plugs are made to prevent moisture and debris from getting into the tubing and damaging the product.

Added Safety

Add lasting protection against minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes by plugging square tube ends in seconds. You no longer have to worry about workplace injuries or accidents around the house due to exposed metal. These square plastic tube plugs offer a solution for shelving, lighting, fixtures, storage, and many more items you'll find that use square tubing.

Polished Look & Feel

While most office furniture today already includes a tube plug, it is not uncommon for older plugs to break and fall off. Harman’s plastic square plugs feature unique ribs, made to grip right to the inside of the square tubes and provide lasting protection.

Consider replacing your plastic plugs today and give your office furniture or home goods an upgrade.