Uses For Round Tubing Plugs

Since Harman Corporation’s Round Tubing Plugs are highly functional and durable, there are many uses for our versatile vinyl tube plugs. Add these round tubing plugs to a variety of different gauged tubing, including chair ends, or any office furniture.

Discover all the uses and benefits for these handy Round Tubing Plugs.

  • Open ended tubing on such items as patio furniture, office furniture, toys, and machinery could all use a round tubing plug
  • If you're concerned about water, dirt, mold, and mildew collecting in open ended tubing, round tubing plugs will keep out all the elements

Our round tubing plugs can be used in a wide variety of environments thanks to their flexible durability and high quality. Unique ribs will grip tight to the insides of tubing creating a sure fit. These reliable plastic plugs are a great value with many functional uses.