Uses For Square Vinyl Caps

No matter the application, Harman Corporation offers quality-made Square Vinyl Caps for various uses. All our square vinyl caps are designed to stay put, making application easy and hassle free. Let’s discover all the functions that square vinyl caps can be used for in your home or workplace.

  • Offer safety from rough or sharp edges as well as protect items from damage
  • Provide a more finished look on end goods
  • Keep out dirt, moisture and debris, by placing square vinyl caps over the ends of square poles, such as patio furniture
  • Cover square openings with square caps and grips to prevent rough edges from causing harm
  • Square Vinyl Caps can be used as paint masks when performing finishing operations on products in an industrial setting

No matter the use, Harman Corporation’s square vinyl caps are the perfect solution, and ideal for use in a variety of projects. Trust Harman to deliver you durable high quality square vinyl caps.